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The ethos of Condor Properties is rooted in our tagline, 'Together We Soar.’ Our mission is to forge spaces that transcend mere structures and develop not just properties, but profound relationships. As we ascend to new heights, we are dedicated to creating concrete bonds with our esteemed tenants, partners, and stakeholders alike.

Our wings are spread wide to encompass our unfaltering commitment, exceptional quality, and inspired service. Through collaborative efforts and shared goals, we endeavour to operate in seamless unity and navigate through challenges with precision.


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A privately owned real estate development company based in Vaughan, Ontario, affiliated with the Con-Drain Group of Companies.

Condor’s principals have over 50+ years of experience in land development. Our core assets consist of high-quality industrial, office, medical and retail properties comprising over 7.6 million square feet, all strategically located throughout Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. In addition, Condor holds a significant land inventory assembled for aggressive future development in all asset classes.

At Condor, we specialize in the planning and construction of design/build projects and commercial property leasing, including customized turnkey solutions. We pride ourselves on satisfying the objectives of our clients and tenants across a full array of needs from securing the right location to initiating the planning process at the conceptual stage to carrying out the successful completion of construction.

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Angelo B/W

Angelo De Gasperis arrives to Toronto from Italy along with his brothers, incorporate a concrete and drain company under the name of Condrain. The business steadily expanded into a major, vertically integrated operation by spawning many sub-related companies.


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After 50 years in land development, Angelo decides to form a company that would hold significant land inventory assembled for aggressive future development in all asset classes. Condor Properties is born.

2006 - PRESENT

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Condor has built high-quality industrial, office, medical and retail properties comprising over 7.6 million square feet, all strategically located throughout Greater Toronto and surrounding areas.

This symbol holds a very significant place in each of our hearts in our organization. It was created to honor the memory of Romeo De Gasperis, Businessman, Philanthropist, and Founding Member of Condor Properties, but more importantly a son, father and husband with a kind heart. Gone too soon but forever in our hearts.

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foundations of success


Our 'Together We Soar' ethos influences each of our core values. These core values form the bedrock of Condor Properties' success, shaping our approach to day-to-day business endeavors.

  • Elevated Excellence: We construct and maintain our properties to meticulous standards, employing innovative systems to enrich our communities with value and convenience.
  • Empowering Growth: We contribute to the expansion of manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution companies, propelling them toward greater success
  • Unified Partnerships: Each tenant and client stands as our partner. We are committed to fostering transparent, mutually rewarding relationships, underpinned by open and candid communication.
  • Nurturing Empowerment: Recognizing the integral role of inspired, empowered, and customer-focused employees, we cultivate a supportive work environment that promotes camaraderie, professionalism, and teamwork.
  • Paramount Service: We go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of our tenants and clients by offering personalized, professional representation backed by resolute action.
  • Community Enrichment: Giving back to the community is a pivotal part of our success. Through ongoing financial and in-kind contributions to health, medical research, educational charities, and foundations, we aim to enrich lives and benefit communities.

environmental practices


As a property development and management company seeking new and cost-effective solutions, and as a responsible corporate citizen, Condor is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its projects and properties through sustainable building, energy and environmental practices. Some initiatives include:

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) - We use water-sourced heat pump systems to heat and cool our buildings. High-efficiency boilers help reduce energy consumption, aided by energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) that transfer heat from exhausted air back into the supply air stream.
  • Outdoor Lighting - The outdoor lighting we use for our existing and new properties is designed for safety, energy efficiency and to reduce light pollution.
  • Recycled Concrete - When paving our parking lots, we use a stone base comprised of recycled concrete materials to reduce the usage of natural aggregates.
  • Plumbing - Our buildings and properties include high-efficiency and low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water consumption.
  • Roofing Materials - Our new buildings utilize a white roofing membrane to reduce solar heat loads.
  • Recycling – When determining the layout of new buildings, we do our best to provide safe and easy access for garbage collection and storage for recyclables.
  • Landscape Materials – Water-conserving plants and landscaping materials help reduce water usage and provide a better appearance through extended periods of dry weather.
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